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We provide powerful, innovative programs that blend the emotional depth of Psychology with the pragmatism of Executive Coaching for better outcomes



Our vision is to provide a service dedicated to the wellbeing of working professionals using a uniquely powerful, holistic approach that blends Psychology and Executive Coaching.


This approach is inspired by our uniquely broad range of expertise gained over many years as Clinical Psychologists, Executive Coaches and as senior managers in large organisations. This has given us a deep understanding of the complexity of professional life, with increasingly busy personal and work lives intersecting to create greater emotional and practical demands on us. 

To help professionals and organisations thrive in the face of these challenges, our approach has 4 key elements:

Powerful blend of 

Psychology and

Executive Coaching 

Holistic focus on wellbeing

Unique range of expertise


about client 


We understand that workplace issues can challenge us at both an emotional and a practical level, and that issues in the workplace and at home can often interact. As such our services provide you with:

  • Powerful strategies that seamlessly blend the latest emotion management techniques from Psychology with practical Executive Coaching tools

  • Strategies to holistically manage personal and workplace issues

  • Greater cost effectiveness and convenience

We work with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, amongst others.  However, we go further in adopting a more holistic focus on wellbeing to provide you:

  • A more relevant service that can address the full range of your professional and personal challenges. 

  • Tools to take control of your own wellbeing,  empowering you to maximise your own quality of life, and prevent  future distress.

With our background as Psychologists, Executive Coaches and  senior managers we can        go deeper in addressing your challenges, providing you with a superior quality of service

We enter into a relationship as a partner based on the principles of compassion and care which means: 

  • We offer a mature approach you can rely on with all our consultants having at least 15 years' experience

  • We make ourselves more available to you 

  • We will make a greater effort to personalise our  services to your specific needs

Who We Are


Working professionals can often encounter the following challenges:

  • Wanting to improve professional relationships

  • Feeling intimidated by work surroundings

  • Struggling with self confidence

  • Feeling stressed at work

  • Feeling unmotivated or unfulfilled

  • Feeling stuck in a career rut

  • Wanting to improve leadership effectiveness

  • Wanting to operate at peak effectiveness

  • Struggling with emotions like anxiety or depression, and carrying this from work to home (and vice versa)


We can help you identify what to focus on, and tailor a personalised program for your needs drawing from our services in the following areas:

Research clearly shows that compassionate organisations who show true care for their employees' wellbeing are much more sustainable and show superior financial performance. 

These benefits accrue because these organisations create positive environments that bring the best out of their people which, in turn, leads to

  • Greater productivity as people stay longer and are committed to going the extra mile

  • Greater ability to compete on quality rather than price

  • Improved organisational reputation leading to a greater ability to attract quality talent

  • Reduced costs due to turnover and absenteeism ​

We can help companies discover the benefits of a compassion-driven people-centric approach, using a range of tools in the following areas: 

Our Services
Our Principals


Hamada Els

Practice Director

Hamada has a diverse educational background, having obtained a Master of Commerce and a Clinical Masters in Psychology from UNSW.


His work experience has further developed a rich skill set in the areas of Business Strategy, Executive Coaching and Clinical Psychology gained over the last 20 years. He has had a long career in marketing and branding, specialising in using consumer insights to guide advertising and brand strategy, holding a variety of senior roles.


His interests in the area of Psychology span anxiety, depression, resilience and relationships. In recent years, he has focused on combining evidence based psychological and executive coaching techniques to help maximise the wellbeing and effectiveness of working professionals and improve business performance.


He has had extensive exposure to multiple psychological and coaching approaches and takes an eclectic view, preferring to tailor the approach to the needs of the individual rather than operating only from a single lens.

STA Headshot.jpeg

Dr. Robby Fullerton

Clinical Psychologist & Executive Coach

Robby brings a wealth of education and experience to his daily practice, having completed a Dual Ph.D. in Clinical and Industrial-Organisational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.


Robby has worked with clients in a range of professional settings across the United States and Australia over the last 12 years, providing psychological and executive coaching services to meet different client needs.  


He has worked with a wide variety of personal issues including work stress, depression, anxiety, adjustment to major life changes, relationship issues, complicated grief, traumatic experiences, and substance dependence. As an Executive Coach, Robby specialises in improving the wellbeing and performance of leaders and employees through harnessing the power of evidence-based psychological and executive coaching techniques. He draws from from a range of empirically supported psychological and coaching frameworks, and takes an integrative approach in their application based on individual needs 

Bronwyn picture.jpg

Bronwyn Andersen


Bronwyn is a psychologist with a Bachelors in Psychological Science (Honours) at the Australian Catholic University in NSW. 


She has worked with clients from the age of four to 90 years old. 


She has worked with a wide range of client presentations including PTSD, depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, ADHD, grief, schizophrenia, adjustment disorder, relationship issues, autism spectrum disorder, gender dysphoria, and workplace related conflict and stress. 


She has also written reports for psychometric assessment and for applications to funding such as NDIS.


She is well-trained in applying Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, and Solution focused therapy. She is also trained in Trauma-informed therapy, and has completed further training and education on suicide and suicide prevention strategies.


She is passionate about creating a space for clients that allows them to be seen, inspires personal growth and an improvement to their overall well-being. She ensures clients feel a sense of growth and accomplishment during the therapeutic process.

Tani pic for site_edited.jpg

Dr. Tani Khara

Research & Insights

Tani has 15 years' experience as senior insights and planning consultant in Europe, Asia and Australia with blue chip organisations such as Daimler-Benz, Fairfax, Telstra and Nestle. Her expertise encompasses working with a wide variety of research methods, turning insights into actionable outcomes and strategic planning for future business growth.

Tani holds a Master pf Marketing (UNSW) and a PhD in Sustainability. Her expertise includes using compassion-based strategies to encourage long-term behaviour change.

She is interested in Sustainability in its many forms, including using research-driven insights to foster greater employee wellbeing and more resilient, effective organisations.

Tani's experience overseas and her ability to speak multiple languages makes her well equipped for workplace-related issues facing minorities and new immigrants in Australia, managing a diverse workforce and helping Australian managers adjust to cultural change when overseas.


Ph:(02) 8729 9433  Mb: 0419990863

Suite 919/185 Elizabeth St. Sydney, NSW, 2000 


Monday – Friday  09:00AM – 8:00PM

Saturday    09:00AM – 2:00PM


All of our fees are within the guidelines recommended by the Australian Psychological Society and the International Coach Federation - Australasia

For Individuals

Consultations generally last for an hour while workshop duration may vary depending on your needs.

We understand that working professionals lead busy lives, so we provide flexible options for consultations across multiple modes including face to face and internet video link. As part of our partnership model, part of our fee also includes up to 30 minutes per week of consultation either by phone or over email if any follow up is required between appointments.

Tax deductions, Medicare rebates and Private Health Fund rebates may be available depending on your needs and circumstances.

For Organisations

Generally, consultations will be costed upfront with the total cost depending on the nature of the specific consultation.

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